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Human Capable Inc.

Technology has made our lives easier every day and has helped us learn and interact with our world. However, the rapid pace and advances in technology may diminish the position and importance of humans in this new evolving world of technology. Our goal is to explore ways to help humans safely navigate the path of the intelligence evolution.

Enhanced human

Technology can extend our reach, improve interaction, complement our memory, and augment our decision making. We are devoted to integrating technology into daily life in order to enrich our experiences and allow us to overcome our biological limitations.

Nobody left behind

The world does not always provide equal access to everyone. We hope to leverage technology to level the playing field and improve access for those less fortunate.

Our Work

● Norm Glasses

Lightweight, stylish smart glasses that appear indistinguishable from normal sunglasses. With microphones, speakers, camera and a display that shows digital content in the user's field of vision, Norm Glasses allow users to interact with the digital world head-up and hands-free.

● Internet VUI

Voice is the most natural medium for us to communicate with the outside world. However, In the past years, Internet was designed to be accessed using keyboards, mice, fingers, etc. Currently the majority of content on the Internet are not voice friendly. Built on top of our TeleTender® technology, we are creating a service that allows people to access any web page or other content using voice commands.

● Expert Manufacturing

Our manufacturers are experts in their field and produce products for many companies at the international level. Our relationships span over 4 years developing relationships, manufacturing processes, quality requirements, and standards that will insure the highest quality products will be delivered to our customers.

Our Team

Our team is based in South Florida, with remote team members in India and China. We come from diverse industries with strong backgrounds in information technologies. We have a balanced blend of hardware and software engineers some with as many as 20+ years in the industry. We also have business and development professionals that are serving in various capacities within our organization, including international manufacturing, governance, quality assurance.

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Human Capabale Inc
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